Panama hat

The traditional hat in Panama is called “Sombrero pintao” or “Pintado” with thin black line patterns.
This is the hat that traditionally comes from Panamá and is worn with great pride by the inhabitants.

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Panama hat
Biomuseo Panama


At the entrance gate to the Panama Canal is the Biodiversity Museum, or Biomuseo for short.

Here, the exhibition “Panama Bridge of Life” tells a very special story. When the land bridge between the two continents was created about 3.5 million years ago, not only did their animal worlds mix, but the separation of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans gave rise to the Gulf Stream, creating a completely new global climate.

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You pay taxes in Panama, too!

Taxes in Panama are lower and easier to understand for investors, entrepreneurs and citizens compared to Germany. Panama has a territorial tax system. Only income generated within the national borders of Panama is taxed. In the German tax system, on the other hand, foreign income is also taxed.

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Daumen hoch Flagge Panama
Corona Virus

Corona virus 19

Update 7/2021 Corona numbers have stabilized. Vaccination in Panama is progressing and all sectors of the economy are open. Below is information related to the Corona situation, vaccination strategy and the impact of the pandemic on life, travel and the economy.

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Golden Investor Visa

Recently, the new “Golden Investor Visa” allows investors in Panama to apply for their second residence from abroad and obtain it after 30 days.

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Panama Canal

The history surrounding the construction of the Panama Canal is extremely fascinating. Already in the first colony times there were trade connections with packed donkeys through the rainforest from the Caribbean to the Pacific side. Several decades passed from the first construction phase in 1881 until the first freighter passed through the canal in 1914. 

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