Corona Virus

Corona Virus 19

Update 7/2021

Corona numbers have stabilized. Vaccination in Panama is progressing and all sectors of the economy are open. Below is information related to the Corona situation, vaccination strategy and the impact of the pandemic on life, travel and the economy.

Health (data as of 7/20/2021)

  • Currently, there are 13,133 active cases.
  • The R-value is 0.99.
    The mortality rate is 1.6% (global average 2.2%).
  • Panama conducts the same number of tests per capita as Germany.
    The proportion of positive tests is currently between 7 – 10%.
  • Intensive care beds have never been at capacity.
  • Corona vaccinations (Biontech/Pfizer and AstraZeneca) started in Panama in January. Approximately 30% have received at least one dose of vaccine and 16% are fully vaccinated.
  • Since Panama has a very young population (Ø 26 years), people aged 60 years and older have already been vaccinated in Phase 1.
  • To date, 10% of Panama’s population has been infected with Corona. Taking into account the number of unreported cases, this should be about 25%, which is much closer to herd immunity.

The graph shows the weekly trend (March 20 – July 21) of new infections (bars) and the test positive rate (curve). The sharp increase in June 2021 began with the economic opening. The increase in November 2021 is due to the holidays in early November.